TED Talks

Adapted from Chapter 11 of Insincere, Irrelevant, Invalid. So, what happens to the Church when you have upcoming generations of Americans who have been immersed in a gospel presentation based upon shaky foundations, post-modernism, prosperity, pragmatic marketing, a high view of man and its abilities, and a low view of Christ? You are left with […]

Kingdom Interlinear Section 2a Review

A review of The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures, in reference to John 1:1.   John 1:1 is often seen as the most crucial point in refuting or affirming Christ’s Deity.  The 3rd clause of the verse (better known as John 1:1c “and the Word was God“) has been under severe scrutiny for quite […]

Why Worship?

Adapted from Insincere, Irrelevant, Invalid 2022 Christian Publishing House. Releasing Soon! Why should we Worship? The answer is not as simple as it may seem. The answer to this question entails about the creator of the universe and His creation. It shows our relationship to Jesus and God the Father. It boasts all of God’s […]

Deconstruct or Reconstruct?

Adapted from Insincere, Irrelevant, Invalid. Releasing 2022. It is still amazing how so many of the older Generation Christians still cannot comprehend why so many of the younger generations are leaving the church, or “Deconstructing”. I mean first off, have you ever met anyone who has just Deconstructed? They will be sure to let you […]

The Gospel in Noah’s Ark

There are many types and shadows of our Lord Jesus Christ found in the Old Testament. From the serpent’s head being crushed (Gen. 3:15) to Abraham and Isaac (Gen. 22), to Jonah being in the belly of the whale (Jonah 1).  But one of those stories we are going to focus upon today is the […]

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