Insincere, Irrelevant, Invalid: Generations Left Without

Author:: Dustin Fugate, Christian Publishing House 2022

Whether it be over politics, religion, to types of flooring in their houses, the younger generations seem to always end up falling short of the older generation’s standards. Perhaps deservedly so, the younger generations are keenly aware of the criticisms they receive from their elders, especially when it comes to the Church and Christianity. Join Dustin as he navigates through the religious and cultural foundations in which the younger generations were reared, and search for clues as to why the younger generations always seem to get stuck with the brunt of the blame for the current state of the Modern Church.

Who is truly at fault? Did these younger generations get dealt a bad hand? Or are they just selfishly abusing and carelessly handling what was given to them? Insincere, Irrelevant, Invalid seeks to shed light on what has happened to these younger generations and help readers understand exactly why there is such a rapidly growing schism between the Modern Church and the younger generations, while properly defining what Church is, who it is for, man’s role, and why we Worship.

Dustin M. Fugate is a Millennial who was raised in the Church amid the Purpose Driven / Seeker Sensitive era. Now a Quality Manager, Dustin previously was involved with music ministries at multiple different Churches growing up, as well as attending and graduating from Christian school. You can currently find him in Northern Kentucky at his local coffee shop or gym, reading or listening to books on Theology, Six Sigma, or the Stock Market. He lives with his wife Precilla, daughter Lydia Noelle, and 2 cats in a house with a fireplace that leaks just ever so slightly in a good hard rain.

Dustin runs Psalm 73, and you can find him at: